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A Canon girl! The 350D was my starting point and not wishing to replace my glass, Ive stuck with Canon ever since. I moved up to a 40D and then onto a 7D which is where I will stay for some time to come! Favourite lens? Canon 10-22


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Some days I guess there will be nothing, but on others I hope to make up for it. Usually images, sometimes words but always photography.

Photography is part of me and is never far from my mind and like a great number of us I have an archive of images on my computer that just never see the light of day. Until now ...........

I'm an active member of a photography club (the Kettering & District Photographic Society) and I'd encourage anyone interested in the art to seek out a club in their area. They are an invaluable source of encouragement and learning and most importantly a way of meeting like minded folk.

But at times some images just dont fit within the confines of club competition and this blog is my outlet for those, along with some of my club stuff too.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Someone's Home?

Feather & Stone

A terrible truthfulness about photography ...

There is a terrible truthfulness about photography.
The Ordinary academician gets hold of a pretty model,
paints her as well as he can,
calls her Juliet
and puts a nice verse from Shakespeare underneath,
and the picture is admired beyond measure.

The photographer finds the same pretty girl,
he dresses her up and photographs her,
and calls her Juliet,
but somehow it is no good -
it is still Miss Wilkins, the model.
It is too true to be Juliet


Beach Silhouette - St Ives, Cornwall